Product Design CMS Platform v2 & v3

UX/UI improvements added to Ibexa's eZ Platform with v2 & v3 launched

Product Design CMS Platform v2 & v3

Company: Ibexa - eZ Systems

Year: 2015-2020


Ibexa's eZ Platform v2 & v3 releases main goal were improving and fixing developer experience. The new stack adopted meant faster development time, hence internal sprints and releases would be “heavier” in terms of new feature additions and improvements. The Product Management team needed a new design process that answered to this new reality. At the same time there were inconsistencies across interfaces, that demanded a new redesign that would facilitate and simplify users’ flows and their tasks.

eZ Platform v1 article view

View of an article view in eZ Systems' eZ Platform v1.

eZ Platform is a Digital Experience Platform (DXP) created by Ibexa that helps B2B companies to stay relevant and succeed by transforming traditional sales strategies into frictionless buying experiences. This DXP is ideal for large enterprises working on complex projects requiring several languages, with numerous sites, and multiple content types.

Ibexa's eZ Platform offers the ability to build interactive sites, pages and views and deliver multisite, multichannel and multilingual websites and apps. It gives organizations the control to create, and structure their content, reuse it and present it differently from a single location. It also provides a granular configurable system for user permissions, which allows organizations to set specific access rights for users and roles across all features.

Constraints & Personas

  • Ibexa's eZ Platform v2 gives developers a highly extensible platform for building content-rich websites, upgradeable and easy to integrate. This great value added from the technical side implies that all features and design improvements have to include both customization and extensibility approaches;
  • All implementations of enterprise instances are done by the partner network or in-house by customer’s own team, but when a fixup or a feature improvement is raised by them, Product Support and Product Management teams can work together along with stakeholders involved.
  • Ibexa's eZ Platform v2 was designed based on two main personas: Technical user, who adapts, customizes and manages the content platform setting workflows, permissions and roles for platform’s users; and Business user, who can have an advanced knowledge of the application and has a prominent role within the application setup; Here we include Editors, who create, modify and distribute content throughout the application’s channels based on role and permission defined for her tasks.

My Role

My role on Product Design for Ibexa's eZ Platform v2 & v3
  • Introduced a whole new set of icons (currently more than 200 icons) and streamlined its creation process.
  • Applied standards for forms and tables across the different interfaces.
  • Work based on predefined UI Guidelines as well as Library of components (Sketch, InVision).
  • User tested new features and micro interactions added to v2 & v3 of the product.
  • Simplified content creation process and emphasize the important of patterns for a working tool as a CMS is.
  • Contribute directly to the corresponding repositories with styling changes, as well as bug fixing contributions.


Streamlined User Experience with eZ Platform v2 & v3

eZ Platform dashboard view

View of eZ Platform dashboard.

With the launching of v2 & v3 I had the opportunity of seeing the outcomes of long journey. Furthermore I led the creation and adoption of the user interface design guidelines for our own developers, as well as for the ones willing to customize and extend eZ Platform CMS.

eZ Platform content section view

View of Ibexa's eZ Platform Content section.

eZ Platform Admin section view

View of Ibexa's eZ Platform Admin section.

This version is the first one that applies these design guidelines that I created and continues with a decided commitment on Accessibility standards.

eZ Platform Content section Locations view

View of eZ Platform Content section Locations.

One of the main focus was design consistency across the screens and interfaces in order to build usage patterns that will facilitate users life and build-up familiarity with the tool, adoption of best-practices for usability, simplification of the interfaces with less clicks to fulfill editorial tasks... and many others.

eZ Platform Page Builder view

View of Ibexa's eZ Platform Page Builder.

eZ Platform Versions modal view

View of Ibexa's eZ Platform Versions modal.

eZ Platform Filtered Search view

View of Ibexa's eZ Platform Filtered Search.

eZ Platform Page Builder create view

View of Ibexa's eZ Platform Page Builder create new Landing Page.

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